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MedAsia Manufacturing Ltd has been designing and building injection molding tooling and producing Medical Device components and assemblies in China for 10 years. Our boots-on-the-ground approach with Sales offices in the USA – along with our manufacturing and project engineering team in Shanghai – differentiate our services from other medical device outsourcing specialists.

Run by engineers and project managers, the MedAsia team has deep knowledge of the program management needed for a successful global project. MedAsia exports 50- 60 Molds per year while 25% of our tooling remains in China for production.

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Injection Mold Tooling, Prototype, Pilot, and Production Tooling

1,500 M2 building area

6 office staff, 30 mold manufacturing specialists (3 engineering)

CNC 4 units

EDM 3 units

EDM Wire cut 3 units

Surface grinding 2 units

Lathe 1 unit

Drilling 1 unit

160 molds per year capacity

Thermoplast Injection Tooling

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Injection Molding - Medical

25,000 M2 building area

70 office staff, 230 workers

Injection molding machines: 60 units (60T-650T)

8 White Room Machines

Ultrasonic Welding: 5 units

Pad Printing: 6 units

Stamping: 2 units

1,000m2 Assembly Clean Room

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LIM/LSR & Compression /
Transfer Rubber Tooling

2,000 M2 building area

6 office staff, 25 workers

5-Axis CNC 1 unit

CNC 3 units

EDM 5 units

Surface grinding 2 units

Milling 8 units

CNC lathe 1 unit

Drilling 1 unit

250 units tooling capacity per year

Precision Machining

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